Lyra — The Way To Go Mainstream. DeFi · Custom Tokens · NFT · DEX· High TPS · Instant Authorizations · Private Transactions

As we all know that Lyra is built with great ambitious from the very first day, by co- founder Slava Gomzin. Slava introduced block lattice to the structure invented by Nano, and finally makes Lyra a permissionless blockchain. Being permissionless blockchain means we can create any token just like what…

White Paper / Design Proposal


While some people still associate privacy cryptocurrencies with darknet, black market, and hacker attacks, this perception is based on the fact that such illegal applications involve payment systems with a high degree of anonymity and privacy. The reality, however, is opposite: payment systems that provide…

Lyra tokens can be created as either indistinguishable, fungible or unique, non-fungible tokens (NFT). In fact, there are use cases for both in most applications, with transition from fungible to non-fungible at the time of redemption. …


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